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Pistol Under My Pillow

When longtime friend Early Times asked me to make a video for his song “Pistol Under My Pillow,” I set about trying to create something cinematic.

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Watch The Final Analysis

The Final Analysis

Jack goes to a psychiatrist to deal with the death of a married woman with whom he had been having a passionate affair. Dark obsessions surface and Jack realizes that, in the end, everything is about power.

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Watch Conjuring Orson

Conjuring Orson

Showcasing Peter Jason as his late friend Orson Welles, Conjuring Orson is a short comedy for film lovers of all ages.

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Watch Heal Thyself

Heal Thyself

A "sick" little satire starring Academy Award and Golden Globe nominee Eric Roberts as a morally challenged doctor thriving in America’s profit-driven health care system.

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Watch Reuben

A Reuben By Any Other Name

A humorous look at the differences between Orthodox Judaism and Reform Judaism presented in terms of the Reuben sandwich.

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Watch A Woman In The West

A Woman In The West

The true tale of a frontier wife who is tough, independent, and willing to do whatever is necessary to protect her husband and her home.

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Watch Back Story

Back Story

A short comedy about a furry fellow who gets his back waxed and then becomes convinced that he is turning into a woman.

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Watch Under There

Under There

A divine little comedy about the afterdeath.

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Watch Tell Tale Art

Tell-Tale Art

A pitch black comedy inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s classic horror story The Tell-Tale Heart.

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Director’s Reel

Writer-Director Jeremy Dylan Lanni's Reel.

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